Achieve your goals with the 12-question sequence

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Achieve your goals with the 12-question sequence

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By the end of this 12-question programme, you will have

  • reviewed your goals for the year,
  • realigned yourself, and
  • created a sustainable and pressure-free plan of action.


Have you ever realised in December that despite all the time you had, you've forgotten to work on your personal goals? That happened to me too many times.

There are many powerful reflection questions and frameworks, but they work separately.

I've put the best questions I know into a sequence to build a holistic reflection session.

This was first conducted as a workshop. I've now improved upon the content.


"The session was very helpful, I'm really grateful that Jan Han finds the way to make this process to look easier and important to do. His training was not just helpful, it was timeliness and complete. Love it!"

"Junhan Chin's illustration are simple yet covey powerful messages for self-improvement. The session on mid year planning is fantastic way to reflect on your self and the direction that you want to be. He brings in very simple & crisp questions to make you pause and think in this direction. Those who are always looking at methods to self-improve and reflect, should certainly attend this."

"The questions prompted me to have stronger awareness on goals i have been procastinating on or distracted from."


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